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Rope Access has become a fast growing industry as is offers fast, cost-effective and safer solutions as compared to the more traditional methods such as scaffolding or mobel/static platforms. Given it’s more ideal usage, rope access companies had to offer any and all services that were previously accomplished using these methods in order to become successful. This is why we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of services, to help our clients.

 General rope access services we offer:

  • Anchor bolt installation and Load Testing
  • Rigging and Lifting Services
  • Safety system installations for Work at Height
  • Visual and Photographic Inspections
  • Rope Access Consultations

Rope access offers: 

  • Greater flexibility than is possible with moving platforms or scaffolding
  • Access to otherwise impossible-to-reach areas.
  • Less congestion at the foot of buildings, parking areas and access points.
  • Optimized security due to the fact that no fixed access structures are left on site.
  • Reduced set-up time, thus minimizing man hours and costs and reducing downtime in adverse weather.
  • A quieter service with minimal interference.

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